VC hit the POL dump across from the Saw Mill - 67?

A well hidden Det A Van configuration during an Exercise at Shaw AFB SC circa 1972-3

Looks like the daily burn got a little out of control. I think that's Delmar Cantrell holding the hose. (Ed E)


Here's an updated pic. the guys are playing touch football while Muche delivers a "plain brown paper" package. (Ed E)

This was just outside the sawmill. (Ed E)

Good old Trane compound. Here's where we ate. They provided the best food I ever had in the Army. Remember sitting down and
filling out a mimeograph slip for one of the waitresses to bring your meal for lunch and supper? Sometimes there were even
Australian nurses to ogle. (Ed E)

I've often wondered what happend to Sgt Mike. I do remember him barking at the Vietmnamese trash collectors and them trying to
kick him till a couple of us straightened them out. (Ed E)

Does anyone remember this caper? :):):) Someone who shall ever remain nameless changed the combo & put the new numbers in the safe. There was a three day pass offered to anyone who could open the safe. But as you can see, no one figured it out. Ed

Remember this caper? Someone who shall ever remain nameless changed the combination, wrote it down, put in in the safe and
promptly forgot it. There was a reward of a 3 day pass for anyone who could open the safe but as you can see, no one figured it out.
We had to bring in some civilian type with high level clearance to torch it. The interesting thing was that there were thermite grenades
inside incase we were over run. :) (Ed E)

Claude Relford & Phil Milio in Repro Shed 1969

Phil Milio, George Thompson & Patrick Quinn in the Repro Office 1968

Bob Denver and some Det A guys at the Trane Compound. See additional comments on the discussion page of Det A Unit Photos concerning meeting Bob Denver at dinner one night. This was shortly after Tet 1968. Also, let us know if there are any ID errors. -Dan Newell

1. Dan Newell
2.Chad (Delmar) Cantrell
3. Skip Hurt
4. Anthony Magdits
5. Tim Hayes
6. Bob Denver
7. ?
8. Joe Holsenback
9. William Blackstone
10. Dennis Cooney
11. Jimmy Ray Nelson


Pat Quinn had Charge-of Quarters duty that night...keeping him company was Stan Krick. Apparently they could receive AFVN on the TV
in the foreground. Notice the blast tape on the windows of the orderly room.
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