My name is Donald Calvin. I was in Image Interpretation stationed in Can Tho, C Detachment, Ist MIBARS from November, 1967 through October, 1968. Took the General Pope troop ship over from San Francisco with the whole unit from Fort Bragg. The trip took 23 days, which all counted toward the year tour. Assigned to the enlisted barracks ther, there was so much inventory of beer in the barracks, there was barely enough room for new guys. Trying to remember names now after so long. Larry Brunatti is one.
Spent another year in Fort Bragg when I got back from Vietnam.
Been married since 1976 and have one son who is recently married.
My wife retired in 2002 from 31 years teaching and I retired in 2002 from 29 years in the Southgate, Michigan police department, the last seven years as the Chief of Police. Lotsa traveling and golf now. I will be trying to remember names and mention them here when I think of them.

Hello to all of the great men I served with in C Detachment during the 1967-68 timeline:
During the time from August of 1967 and August of 1968, a heckuva lot took place in the city of Can Tho, as well as the Can Tho Army Airfield where C Detachment was located. Remember?
Remember Major Meyers? Remember Major Fadlo M. Massabni? Remember the C Detachment Slogan Major Massabni initiated: "No Less Than Best!"? Remember "Lee Tee", the very beautiful vietnamese "gal friday"? Remember Tet? How could you not! Remember all the BBQ and Beer Busts? Remember LT. Dawson, the Repro OIC? Remember SFC Vindivich? SFC West? Capt. Debravo, our fearless pilot of Good Guy 727? Do you remember the many others, I cannot remember right off hand but I have photos, etc. of them! Oh, I forgot about SFC Rameriz! And the Top Sarge, Frances ?????
Remember all the great enlisted guys who did their part? The PI and Photo Repro work? The detachment's motor pool? Those 40 KW Gens that ran 24/7? Those "O-1, Bird Dog" flights with hand held cameras? The barricks? The ongoing construction work of C Detachment to keep us all busy? The bunkers?
Remember, all the mortar attacks, especially the one where C Detachment was "ground zero"! Remember, thank God, there were no resulting casualties, except for all the vehicle blown tires and Major Massabni's "picture window"!
Take care to all who read these words and please forgive me for all the misspelled names! There are many more memories, some good, some not so good, I could share about C Detachment, the other detachments, MIBARS BN HQ, Saigon, etc, etc., if time permitted.

I am sure all of you could do the same! Hope to hear from some of you and hope to be able to attend the 2010 Reunion in Las Vegas.

Best Regards! Captain Rick Bilbro,

PS: I was discharged in August, 1969 one year after leaving South Vietnam and spending my last year before leaving the army at NPIIC in D.C., that is, the National Photographic Image Interpretation Center, M Street, near old navy yard. Anyone else end up with an assignment there?

This Was Not Supposed to Happen
Mike Sheehan
II, TIIF Instructor, ARLO, Det C 66 - 67, HHC 67 - 68

My Time With Det C
Walter Stewart
Company Clerk, 1/69 – 10/69

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