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Jim Dicken was in A Det, Roger Dearth (not pictured here) was in B Det and I (not pictured) was in D Det, Don't recall where Thomas and Connley went, but we all went to Nam.

In the below photo, pictured are Left to right Gene Mueller, unk, unk, Steve Alleman, Pasquale Ross, Bruce Brown, Unk, unk, and Unk but think he was an Lt newly assigned to the unit, I think the obsacle made of beer cans and pop cans is a mosaic. well maybe not.
D Det 1st MI pyramid

D Det 1st MI BN (ARS)

I found the original pic with the names on the back, starting from the left and going right: Papason, Rex A. Sands, Bruce Brown, Gene Mueller, Rick Aumen, Griff Morrison from Phu Bi on shoulders, Carl Cecilowski, Pasquale Ross, Lt Anderson (with arm around Mamason), Civilian Tech Rep, SFC McKnight, Gary Steeple, Doering (from Phu Bai), Will Krach (from Phu Bai), Maurice E. Audet WO1. This was taken at a unit party on the beach at Nha Trang, My is that all we did over there was party? If you can identify any or can make corrections please contact me at

Gentlemen (or MIBARS brothers),
Hopefully very soon I will be converting my 35 MM slides to digital format with recent order of a "converter unit" that is supposedly coming my way. Being a crewchief for Good Guy 562 in Nha Trang from February 1970 to February 1971 I took many aerial pictures over Vietnam, and the Det D area, and unit members. I also spent a large part of my tour flying to various places such as Kontum, An Khe, Pleiku, Tuy Hoa, Qui Nhon, Ban Me Thout, Dalat, Cam Rahn Bay, Bao Loc, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Can Tho, LZ English, Bear Cat and other places. We also flew into Cambodia on 2 occasions. Spent the night in several of those places while flying in and out in the U-6 Beaver.. I also took several pictures of Headquarters in Saigon too. I can only hope that my memory cells (or what's is left of them) will come to life when I convert these pictures. It's been 38 years. I drank allot of Carling's Black Label beer over there which did not help my brain cells.

Beaver and Crew Chief, photo from the Phil Wheeler collection
Does anyone know who this is?
Steve Alleman in the back seat of the Bird Dog, phoro provided by Bruce Brown

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