You can view and order clothing with the 1st MI Battalion Coat of Arms embroidered on the left chest or front of a hat.
Click on this link and see what's available.
Cap Sample
This is just a sample, a large selection of text is available, for both above and below the Coat of Arms.

Please note: Due to the custom embroidery, articles can not be returned if the wrong size is ordered. To the right of each product picture is a link to that items sizes and measurements. Please check this out before ordering to be assured you are ordering the correct size.

Tips and hints:
  • Don't be concerned with the color or particular style of apparel on the homepage pictures.
  • When looking at details of an item, change to a lighter color to see the details better.
  • When you're ready to check out and purchase your selection there will be a place to enter the codes (numbers) for your text selections. You do not have to memorize or write your selections down because there is a list showing the codes on that ordering page.

If there is something special you would like to have made up please contact Julie Marker. Her email address and phone number are on the clothing website. She will gladly accept and consider suggestions. If it can be done and the price is agreeable then it will be done on an individual basis. This could include extra text and/or a larger or smaller Coat of Arms. Other clothing or cloth articles may also be inquired about. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let Don Skinner know and/or contact Julie.

An unsolicited response
I just wanted to let you know I got my MIBARS T-Shirt and hat that I ordered. I'm extremely pleased with the quality, and the embroidery is excellent. A lot better than having silkscreen. I'm actually going to order some more now that I've seen how good the product is. Thought you might want to pass it on to everyone that it is a great product.
Steve Alleman

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