Welcome to the 1st MIBARS Association page
We have much work to do as we are in the beginning stages of being an association. More information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

PLEASE NOTE: A Special Meeting was conducted via email and printed letter and on December 20, 2010 it was decided by majority vote that there will be no membership dues at this time. Therefore, at this time, all alumni are full members of the 1st MIBARS Association and have all benefits and voting rights.

The purposes of the 1st MIBARS Association are to:
  • Reconnect veterans of 1st Military Intelligence Battalion who served together.
  • Capture and promote the Battalion history and the histories of its various individual detachments/companies/subunits, leaders and personnel.
  • Sponsor and organize reunions.
  • Publicize the contributions the veterans of 1st MIBARS made in meeting the intelligence needs of the commanders in the field.
  • Memorialize the few from the Battalion who have been lost in the service of their country.

1st MIBARS Association pins are available for a donation of $25 (or more). Your donation helps fund our reunions and our Buddy Fund. The Buddy Fund was set up to assist any MIBARS alumni, who could use some help in being able to attend our reunions.
Please contact Don Skinner at donsk@frontier.com for instructions.

Board of Directors

President - Don Skinner, Det B
Vice President - Thomas Duarte, Det D
Secretary - Phil Milio, Det A
Treasurer - Lary Scollick, HHC
Executive Board Member At Large - Dave Iverson

Standing Committee Chairman

Membership - Dwight Gates, Det A
Activities Director & Bylaws - Dave Iverson, Det A
Nominations - Dan Newell, Det A

Please contact Don Skinner if you have any questions donsk@frontier.com
Don Skinner
1st MIBARS Association
Det B Repro, 6/69 - 6/70