1st MIBARS Det E Unit History

NOTE: E Detachment was created in late 1968, through a name change in the original 45th MID to 1st MIBARS Det E in Phu Bai.
I have no specific Unit Records that indicate the origin of the 45th MI Det, or the origin of E Det, but I do have my personal assignment records and I have referenced an official 1st MIBARS document that indicated the deactivation of E Det. E Det was the first Detachment within 1st MIBARS to be to be formally deactivated as of 14 April 1970.

My records show an assignment to the 45th MI Det at Fort Bragg, NC as of 28 May 1967, so I know it existed prior to that and my foreign service shows 2 November 1967 to 1 November 1968 and the assignments show 21 November 1967 45th MI Det USARVPAC-Vn, which is probably when we hit Qui Nhon and 11 April 1968 45th MI Det 1st MI Bn (ARS) USARPAC-Vn, which is probably when we went to Hue-Phu Bai.

The last assignment date reads 2 October 1968 45th MI Det 1st MI Bn (ARS) USARPAC-Vn and my foreign service ended on 1 November 1968, which validates my memory of never having served in E Det. None of my service records show E Det and I was transferred from the 45th MID to Det A 15th MI Bn (Fld A) Fort Bragg NC to serve out my remaining months, prior to separation.

So the 45th MID was created prior to 28 May 1967 and it changed to E Det sometime after 1 November 1968 and before 14 April 1970.

Anyone that has records of assignment to E Det, may put them here and we will eventually find someone that shows both, with the assignment date of E Det meaning a change of names, even if it doesn't say so.

It may be worthwhile to file a FOIA on the 1st MIBARS records.

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