Headquarters and Headquarters Comapny, photo provided by Mitch Alvins
Close up of HHC, photo provided by Mitch Alvins
"The night we got attacked I was in the guardhouse on the gate. The VC tried to plant claymores over the wall at X." Mitch Alvins
Rear view of HHC, photo provided by Mitch Alvins

Saigon Part A, picture by Mitch Alvins

Saigon Part B, picture by Mitch Alvins

Interesting to see these photos. When the Bn moved into the Chi Lang compound in early 66, we replaced the Hq, 525 MI Group, who moved out on the new compound on the Saigon River. At the time that we moved in, the big building to the right of the smaller building did not exist. In fact, I don't remember it existing when I left VN in Nov 66, so I guess that it was an addition at a later date. That original building had been a Catholic Nunnery, so we were told. The first VC attack on that compound occured sometime around Christmas 65 or very early in Jan 66, when someone threw a grenade into a 3/4 which contained a bunch of 525 guys who were heading down the road to a CI unit that had a mess hall. At the time that we moved in, the HHC enlisted troops lived in the small buildings around the periphery of the compound. The officers all lived in two rented buildings in other places in Saigon.

Tan Son Nhut Air Base part A. photo by Mitch Alvins

Tan Son Nhut Air Base part B. HHC Motor Pool and Repro Section. photo by Mitch Alvins

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