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1st Military Intelligence Battalion (ARS) State Side prior to Vietnam

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HQ Officer Staff and Detachment Commanding Officers 5 April, 1968 Photo provided by Larry Embrey

Front Row (left to right)
Back Row (left to right)
1. Richard (Dick) Thompson, 45th MID CO
1. Robert (Steve) Burke, Delivery Platoon
2. Joe King, Det D CO
2. Joe Murrie, S1
3. Fadlo Massabni, Det C CO
3. Cal (CK) Korf, SARLO
4. Jerry Wetherill, Battalion CO
4. Clarence (Larry) Embrey, S2/S3
5. Tom Hogan, Det B CO
5. Norman Bruneau, S4
6. Charlie Edgette, Det A CO
6. George (Jerry) Walker, Battalion XO
7. Spencer Kawamoto, HHC CO
7. Gary Laabs, Asst S4

8. Robert (Rusty) Troth, Asst S2/S3

9. Richard (Dick) Mason, Asst S2/S3

NOTE 1: 1st MI Battalion (ARS) Interpretation Center (1MIC) became operational on 15 April 1970 at Tan Son Nhut.
NOTE 2: The 45th MID was located in Phu Cat (II Corp) in 1967 and early 1968 and then after the Tet Offensive,
the unit moved up to Hue-Phu Bai (I Corp). It was renamed Det E in "XXX" and was deactivated April 1970.
NOTE 3: I found this information about a 45th MI Det (Germany) apparently attached to the 532th MI Battalion
that replaced the 501st MI Detachment at Straubing on 19 March 1962.
NOTE 4: I found this history of the 205th MI Brigade, which purports to include the 1st MI Battalion (ARS) as a subordinate unit.
I have never heard of the 205th MI Brigade, but it is certainly worth looking into it.
(Notes Posted by Terry Wheeler)

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