1st MIBARS Reunion Info

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2013 Reunion, Las Vegas

Pictures of all reunions can be viewed at http://1stmibattalion2010reunion.shutterfly.com/
I want to thank the wives, partners, significant others and family members who have taken care of all my MIBARS brothers for me.
Thank you so very much.

Reunion Memories

2012 Reunion, June 7-9 in Branson, MO
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2010 Reunion, July 8-11, Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas2010_Reunion_Alumni.jpg

Dr. Kelly Crager talked to us about the Oral History Project and the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University. I hope everyone will visit the websitehttp://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/oralhistory/ and sign up to be interviewed. If your don’t tell your story then it will die with you and that would be very sad. It doesn’t even cost anything except for some of your time!
You can contact Dr. Crager directly at kelly.crager@ttu.edu
or call (806) 742-9010.

2008 Reunion, Labor Day weekend in Virginia (Washington DC)
Some of the Alumni at The Wall with LTC Neil Hersey the current Battalion Commander and the Battalion Colors. Photo by Mitch Alvins

Don, Terry and Howard and many others did a great job of organizing and leading the reunion. My wife and I had a wonderful time. Although I only knew a few guys, everybody that we met was very nice. We had our 1st MIBARS experience in common. A special thanks to Dwight Gates for bringing the Ba M'Ba "33" beer. Everybody remembered that stuff and had a story or two featuring the brew. Howard did a great job with the photo show and the banquet. It is a shame that some missed his informal slide/comment show late Friday night. Don is to be commended for pulling this organization together. Again, thanks to all involved in the 1st MIBARS organization and the reunion. We look forward to the next one in Las Vegas.
Dan Newell - 45th MID, Det A 10/67 - 10/68.

In looking back at the reunion, it struck me that I felt like I was in a family reunion. Although we are all brothers in the broad sense, there were those family members who I served with, there were "cousins" who were over there but I didn't ever meet until that reunion weekend and "uncles" who watched over us in their commanding positions at the time. There were the ladies that my family members had married, a few sons and daughters and even some "grandchildren" to greet and get to know. I wish I would have had more time to spend with each and every one of you. This was one of my best experiences of all time, better than any other family reunion I've attended.
Don Skinner Det B 6/69 - 6/70

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