1st MIBARS in Vietnam

After SFC Carmen Muscara was killed by hostile action, Headquarters Compound was named in his honor. picture provided by Richard Siccama

Operational Control and Mission

The units that made up the Battalion were designated Detachments because they were basically detached from Headquarters and operated on their own but still reported to Battalion Headquarters.
Map of Unit Locations in Vietnam

Each unit was comprised of an Imagery Interpretation (II) section, a Reproduction (Repro) section and a Delivery (Good Guys) section.

Tactical Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officers (ARLOs) by Bob Freeman

Battalion Hand Held Program.

The Battalion, when in full force consisted of:
Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) located in Saigon
Detachment A (Det A) located in Bien Hoa servicing III Corps
Detachment B (Det B) located in Danang servicing I Corps
Detachment C (Det C) located in Can Tho servicing IV Corps
Detachment D (Det D) located in Nha Trang servicing II Corps
45th Military Intelligence Detachmnet (45th MID) located in Phu Cat and relocated to Phu Bai where it became Detachment E
Detachment E (Det E) located in Phu Bai servicing I Corps (See Note)

1st MI Battalion (ARS) - 7 August 1964 to 1 December 1966 by Michael Tymchak, Battalion Commander

1st MI Battalion (ARS) - August 1964 to March 1966 by Paul Reed, Det B Commander and Battalion S-1

Advance Team by James "Pat" Crane

1st MI Battalion (ARS) arrived in Vietnam on December 23, 1965 from Ft. Bragg, USA and departed Vietnam on April 30, 1972 to return to Ft. Bragg, USA. By Larry Letzer Sr.

1st MI Battalion (ARS) in Life Magazine

1st MI Battalion (ARS) - October 1966 - March 68 a letter from Tony Matta, Det B Commander, Battalion XO and Battalion Commander

1st MI Battalion (ARS) during Tet 1968

Cyclo-Media, the MIBARS Newspaper in Vietnam, by Richard Lindeborg

The Role of Military Intelligence 1965 - 1967 by Major General Joseph A. McChristian, J2, MACV

Vietnam - Then and Now

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