45th MID by Robert Troth, Commander

Picture uploaded by Will Krach (sitting on the sandbags). 10/01/09
Hand Held from L-19 Birddog Supply Tents on bank and 2 two VC in black near dugout and 2 VC bathing in water near dugout, looking up. (all rights reserved Terry Wheeler 2008)

A fishing village north of Hai Van Pass and Da Nang, near the Bowling Alley. (all rights reserved Terry Wheeler 2008)

45th MID Phu Bai Operations bunker

45th MID Operations Bunker and monkey at Phu Bai 1968 (all rights reserved Terry Wheeler 2008)
We were hosts to incoming 122mm rockets in this location on occasion. I don't know where the monkey came from and the sign says, "Maximum Capacity - 32 Persons (218 in a pinch)"


Awards ceremony by the new 45th MID CO in Phu Bai 1968 Operations (all rights reserved Terry Wheeler 2008)
We had been hit hard at Camp Hotchmouh (III MAF) where our living quarters were and they decided
to spread some colored ribbons around. That is me trying to keep a straight face.

Changing of Command ceremony for 45th MID at Phu Bai Operations (all rights reserved Terry Wheeler 2008)
I think the Image Interpreters were causing an uproar for some reason or no reason at all. They weren't a very serious group, perhaps because they were bent over the light tables so long, locked in a tiny little world... they had problems adjusting when the were let out of the van. I was "out" all the time and perfectly normal. (Third from right front row)