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I don't have an unprotected shot of a typical hooch or a color shot and I found this one which had also been hit with a mortar.

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This little exercise was conducted after we got hit the evening before and you can see the opening to a bunker between the two hooches.
The Georgia State flag was mine mounted on two tent poles lashed together. There is an interesting story about a Marine Major that came around and had sent his driver over to tell us we had to remove that flag. I told the Lance Corporal to go tell his Major to come remove it himself and that I was quite certain my Senator would love to hear about that conquest by the USMC. They drove away.

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Type This is the finished product. Home Sweet Home and "Phu Bai Is All Right".

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This is the road we called "Murderers Row", because the Jar Heads put us there on purpose. They knew damn well Mr. Charles had the road sighted nine ways from Sunday. A mortar had hit right about where that 55 gal. drum sits and SSG Moston caught it in the back, approximately in between where the two cross overs are. New to the unit, I heard he survived and was reassigned to another Detachment. Tell you the honest truth, I didn't much care and I really didn't want to know anybody's name at that point in the game.

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USMC Armor

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USMC Ontos

A sandbag detail Phu Bai 1968 (All Rights Reserved 2008 Terry Wheeler)