Find the two MIBARS personnel, photo provided by Don Skinner

In talking to Michael Tymchak he said there was a Life magazine with two 1st MI Battalion (ARS) Lieutenants pictured. Michael didn’t remember the names or where they are located in the picture.
Pat Crane identified the two as Mike DiCarlo in the dark shirt and Charles Brophy is in the white shirt under the "Hello Dolly" at Nha Trang text in the upper left section of the Life magazine cover.

The Life Magazine is dated October 22, 1965 and the picture is of Mary Martin during her tour with "Hello Dolly!" entertaining the troops in Nha Trang. At the same time 200 miles away the 173rd Airborne walked into a "hellish ambush" during a search and destroy operation in the "Iron Triangle" (the next four pages in the magazine).

Hello Dolly performance in Danang, photo by David Kueter

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