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Fallen Heroes Memorial

Dedicated to those 1st MIBARS members that lost their lives in Vietnam

The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veteran Memorial

http://www.virtualwall.org/Vietnam Statistics

The Soldiers Memorial

Dedicated to those 1st MIBARS members that have gone before us.

Rest easily and sleep in peace my brothers.
Your job is done, the line you left has held,
your places quickly taken up by others
who filled the spaces fast where you were felled.

We who live on will evermore remember
as we pursue the fight for Freedom’s dream...

"Requiescant – Wyleian Sonnet CLXXV", Hugh Wyles

"Wall Reflections" photograph by Jeff Walker

Note to members: This is a template for consideration and is presented to get the communications started on this group project. You can participate by using the Discussion Tab above and/or Edit pages and Add Pages that you feel would help inform, celebrate and remember. I first learned about this poem years ago and tracked its author, Hugh Wyles down... All Poetry, and invite anyone to go to say hello at http://allpoetry.com/hugh%20wyles. I only use the first stanza and a half here. I added a couple of things that I am aware of and encourage you to share your knowledge and experiences with each name that is added. Picture added by Don Skinner.
Terry Wheeler

Really Gonna Miss You Lyrics
sung by Smokey Robinson
Songwriters: Robinson, William Jr

Really gonna miss you
Its really gonna be different without you
Time is gonna be hard and slow
For the rest of my life
Gonna be thinking about you (yes I am)

Time came when you had to go

I'll miss you my buddy
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end

In your finest hour I was there with you
And without you things won't be the same
But there's a higher power that we answer to
And you heard him calling your name

Really gonna miss you
Everything about you your smiling face
I know you want us all to be strong

Really gonna miss you
I know your going to that magic place
Singing you a brand new song

I'll miss you my buddy
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end

Really Gonna Miss You

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Posting of lyrics and link to the song were suggested by Philip Catania. Thank you Philip.

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